He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left

— Chinese proverb

Its all about sharing the moment

As a DMC we believe that more and more people in today’s world are seeking to go away from material lifestyles in search for more values and meaning.

Since 20 years ago, we have been committed to providing meaningful experiences and creating our tour programmes in such a way that is inspiring to both the local people and visitors, who in turn inspire us, making our work a worthwhile endeavour.

Pure energy is complementary

People are the success of any unforgettable journey. Our philosophy is to work with the firesouls (ildsjeler) who against all odds build authentic attractions in the heart of Norway. This knowledge ensures that you get a tailor-made authentic experience that gets to the core of the very idea of successful DMC; rewarding, celebrating and enforcing a strong spirit to the people that makes your brand come alive and shine.


After having travelled and worked for several years in different countries and continents, I ended up in beautiful Norway and felt immediately at home.

My vision was from the beginning to create a different way of travelling where we communicate values and get away from pure consuming a country. In Norway we have a word for people who live their dream and make choices in order to create a lifestyle they love and stand for.
These people are called "ildsjel", which translates to fire soul. Those locals are my partners and together we make our dreams come true and create unforgettable journeys , which truly touch the heart and show the soul of the destination.

Winner 2015: Commitment to the Community Award

A Co-Creation project by a partnership between Destination Unlimited, Authenticore and Delta Lloyd Life. The three of us have demonstrated innovative efforts to benefit a charitable initiative, by implementing meaningful social and responsible actions. The magic formula between us created a unique interaction in the Lofoten - Norway during relationship marketing travel incentives.

We won the Commitment to the Community Award 2015 that recognises organisations that integrate corporate social responsibility into their meeting or event. Our nominated project has been evaluated on the basis of the following three criteria: suitability, creativity and sustainability.

We have created educational sessions on ecotourism and its consequences for Lofoten islands, based on the Norway ‘Dugnad’ principle.

Interaction with a local school to raise awareness amongst youngster of our vulnerable planet.