Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Ken Blanchard


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Herding sheep can be quite a challenge regardless of how urbanized you are. A group of top-notch experts in communication chose sheep herding in the mountains as their framework in search of a more efficient group dynamic. Status; one leader got  lost, poor communication between each other and  frustration. Result; in just one day they had a practical approach to where they challenge as a team, where communication is blocked and success failed.

They lit a fireplace:  sat down and talked, bonded and wrote a new story for their company. A journey that left a lasting impression on us at Authenticore,  the farmer, was well as the company.


Mingling, sharing, talking and just being together created THE MOMENT for each and everyone of them.



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Telecom connected with locals 

and found valuable insights about themselves.  200 people from Telecom Germany were coming on the 16th of May to Sundal in the Hardangerfjord. The local “firesoul”  Kjersti motivated the entire village to celebrate the big National Day (17th of May) one day earlier together with her guests to connect these 2 cultures.

The local brassband and the 350 local souls were dressed in the national costumes and welcomed the group. Together they walked through the village to the top of a plateau where they had set up long tables for a commun lunch. The guests were deeply touched that  this was exclusively for them. The locals, on the other hand, were just as surprised that their tradition had SUCH an impact.

It is all about the connecting and understanding each other´s differences

-anonyme guest-


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Factory workers learned skills no machine could replace.

Why not build our own hotel in ice, while we are at it? This challenge was taken upon a company that learned more about teambuilding and value of individual effort than any business school could have provided better.

Their choice was between traditional a more traditional offer from Finland, with snow scooter and dog sledding. Instead they chose to come with Authenticore, and build the ice hotel together with the locals. This is an annual event between 20th of December and 11th of January.

The entire company arrived up north by a chartered flight. They were installed in 4 Lappish tents, and worked side by side with the locals who confessed they would NEVER have come far without the extra hands from this company. This was not a journey of pretending to be helpful, in a tourist way, but a truly authentic experience.

240 tons of ice was taken from the nearby lake, and from this an ice bar, entrance, sculptures and glasses was made. To get the job done we  decided not to have a rotating system. Instead we made a list with work to be done . Half of the group actually went on a snow scooter tour through 


the mountain while the other half was building. Next day we changed. One of the success factors was that we asked the remaining group WHO wants to be a teamleader and the WHO wants to do WHAT. We wanted the people to decide based on joy rather than obligation and rotation. Then IF they would like to experience another activity the team leaders need to find the key HOW to do it. NOBODY changed!

References from some of your clients


Pascale Godijns

Managing PartnerMAX Belgium

Karina is one of the most inspiring person I had the chance to meet in this business. We have organized several incentives in Norway and thanks to the ‘Karina’s special ingredients’ these projects ended up being unforgettable experiences I will always cherish. Be ready for a truly authentic moment during which you meet genuine Norwegian people in the most amazing natural sceneries you can imagine. Karina and her ‘firesoul’ mates have touched me and created a real feel good moment to the people I brought there. Needless to say I love to bring my clients to Norway and put them in the hands of Karina … twinkling eyes guaranteed at the end of the incentive.

Frank Petry

Managing Partner Vision Event, Germany

we have been working together for 25 years and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. The success of so many events that we have carried out with Authenticore in Norway is mainly due to your professionalism and your onsite knowledge.

 But decisive for the satisfaction of our customers is also your all-encompassing way of working, the love for the details, and your closed relation to Norway and your onsite partners. We see this as an important guarantee for the future cooperation with you and your team.

May there be many more fantastic events in the land of the trolls together with you and your team.